In Jennifer's Mansion

by Jan Ackerson


Jennifer Jones - a woman who has just entered heaven

Angel - the angel whose role is to show Jennifer her new heavenly mansion


Welcoming Committee Angel: Welcome to Heaven, Mrs. Jones! I understand that you’ve seen the King already. Hallelujah! Wasn’t that great? Now if you’ll just follow me, I’ll take you to your mansion, and then you can unpack your luggage.

Jennifer Jones: Wait…unpack? I always thought…well, you know, they always said “You can’t take it with you.”

Angel: (amused) Yeah, we get that all the time. That’s not Scriptural, you know.

Jennifer: It’s not?

Angel: Nah, it’s just an old proverb. The one you should remember is “store up for yourselves treasures in heaven.” Remember that one?

Jennifer: Of course! So…I’ve got some treasures here?

Angel: Sure you do! Everyone who makes it here has treasures. They’re packed in your luggage. (They arrive at the mansion). And…here we are! Here’s your key…do you want me to show you around?

Jennifer: Oh yes, please.

Angel: What would you like to see first?

Jennifer: Well…my treasures, I guess.

Angel: All righty, Mrs. Jones, just open this door right here. See that trunk on the floor? It’s got your treasures in it. Go ahead! Unpack! This is one of my favorite parts—do you mind if I watch?

Jennifer: No, not at all. (The trunk is covered with traveling stickers that name milestones in Jennifer’s life: Conversion, Overcomes Temptation, Walks through the Valley of the Shadow, etc. She opens the trunk and pulls out a shining gold scroll). What’s this?

Angel: It’s a map to Zoey’s mansion, ma’am.

Jennifer: Zoey…of course! I’ve always known that she was here in heaven waiting for me, ever since we lost her. (Incredulous) She has…a mansion? She was just a baby…

Angel: Yes ma’am. You’ll be wanting to see her soon, I guess. Now keep looking, ma’am, there’s more in there.

Jennifer: (pulls out a shining crown) What…what’s this crown? This can’t be mine. I don’t remember anything about a crown.

Angel: Well ma’am, the jewels in that crown represent some of the things that you did for the King when you were alive. There’s one for sacrificial giving, and there’s one for each person you introduced to the King, and there’s one for cheerful work to further His kingdom…

Jennifer: Gracious! I never expected…

Angel: (eager to see more) Reach in there again, Mrs. Jones.

Jennifer: (pulls out a crystal jar) What’s in here? They’re so pretty…like little pearls…

Angel: Those are the tears you shed when you suffered, and when you were persecuted for the King. He has saved them all for you, and made them beautiful. (Urging her on) There’s one more thing in there, ma’am. I think you’ll really like it. Go on, take it out.

Jennifer: (She pulls out a piece of fabric. It has millions of shimmering threads in an intricate design) It’s beautiful! But…what is it?

Angel: These are the prayers that you laid at the feet of the King. As each was answered, it was woven into this tapestry. (Slyly) How many colors would you say are in the tapestry, Mrs. Jones?

Jennifer: Well, I couldn’t say…it looks like hundreds.

Angel: (gleeful) That’s what they all say when they first get their tapestry, ma’am. But you’re wrong—there’s only three colors. One is for when He answered “yes”, one is for “no,” and one is for “wait.” But when they’re all woven together like this, they create a complete and beautiful picture. Never saw that down there—when you were alive—did you?

Jennifer: No…no, I didn’t see it at all.

Angel: Well, you’re done unpacking, I’ll leave you now. I guess you’ve been saving up some questions that you want answered…they all have questions. (under his breath) “Why’d you create mosquitoes? What’s with those dinosaur bones? Did Adam and Eve have navels?”

Jennifer: I don’t think I do have any questions after all…I’m going to go see Zoey now. And then—some more time with the King. Why, I’ve got all the time in the world, don’t I? (She closes the trunk and walks out of her mansion, with a little dance in her step.)

About the Author

Jan is a Christian who has traveled though sorrow and depression, and has found victory and grace. She dedicates all writings to her Heavenly Father. Contact Jan for writing projects at

© Jan Ackerson--2006

Article Source: Faith Writers