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True Stories

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Lessons From Fat Dad If We Only Had a Tree!
Lessons Learned from a Snake, a Cake and an Apple Losing Myself
Impossible Situations In the Bunker
The Easter Lily The Prodigal Son and the Poison Ivy
Room Service For the Least of These Prison Bars
Remembering The Time The Cows That Stayed Home


Humorous Stories

Confessions of the Anti-Martha Help Desk
All I Ever Needed to Learn in Life I Learned From Betty Crocker Shingles, Rabies, Whooping Cough
Dr. Dabbs Takes a Leave of Absence Pastor Billy-Bob's Letter
How I Found Out That God Bowls On Monday Evenings at 7 A Snapping Turtle, A Catfish, and A Chicken Bone
Be Afraid...Be Very Afraid Dr. Krebnitz's Moment of Glory
This Mouth is Made for Talking (new lyrics to These Boots Are Made for Walking) Go Sleep on the Couch (new lyrics to Ring My Bell)
A Long Sermon (new lyrics to A Hard Day's Night) Yesterday (the In-law Version)
Lance Goodbody, Lifeguard Extraordinaire Never Open An Outhouse Door Without Knocking
The Fruitcake Conspiracy How Grandma’s Lap Robe Saved My Legs
God is ... According to Kids
Church Signs
Joy is BenGay in Your Shorts The Church of the 19th Green
The Parable of the PC Highway to Heaven
What the Mouse Started Dear Edna


Stories & Inspiration

The Gift If We Only Had a Tree!
Amy The Lord is His Pastor
In Jennifer's Mansion Officer O'Malley's Beat
Cashmere, Umbrellas, and Gooseberries The Rescue
At the Altar Course Correction
The Calling Information Please
Wink The Flat Tire
Carl Cost of a Child
Erik & the Skid-Row Bum Kyle
Sticky Note Shattered
The Purple Kitty Is Your Hut Burning?
The Object Lesson Answered Prayer?
The Lord Works in Exotic Ways Healing Faith
What Really Went on on the Ark Petals of Patience
Ms. Clara in 2B The Other Side of the Mug
Gideon and His Plants Quilting Lessons
A Million Little Reasons Finding Gracie's Joy


Other Stuff



What's Your Sign?
Armor of God
Trail of Ants
Wake up and Smell the Food!
Universal Donor
The Eye
Seeing God
Walking the Dog
Too Dark
The Kite
The Branch
The Rocks
Singing God's Praises
Cheering from the Sidelines
Hiking in the Spirit
Fire Ants
Tent Pegs
The Naughty List
Drips and Puddles



I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life Bumper Crop
The Death of Laura Snake to Woman
Reign, Rein, Rain The Psalmist at the Gate
My God Cornucopia
Waterproof Zoo  


Kid's Stories

Beau and The Baby  



Good Sermon, Pastor! Or is it? Discover why you should listen to the very people you AREN'T listening to now.
The Curse of the Itching Ears "For the time will come when they will not listen to the sound doctrine, but, having itching ears, will heap up for themselves teachers after their own lusts..."
The Art Of CinemaTherapy Art imitates life and life imitates art. Movies can teach us a great many lessons about life and allows us many experiences that we might not otherwise have an opportunity to know and to grow from. This article reviews a number of movies quotes which are very powerful and what the author learned from each of them.
A Source of Inspiration Having trouble finding your own source of inspiration at work? Inspiration and motivation permeate the work environment, you just need to know where to look for it.
And Every Tongue Shall Wag -- Christians and Gossip Are you guilty of perpetuating electronic gossip by passing on emails? I bet most of you are. After reading the article, check out this link:
Superficial At story that has us asking at the end of it: Do I see myself here?
Christian Hiring Christian Hiring: Following the World or God? looks at what is a common hiring practice - and then asks whether or not it is scriptural.
Greenhouse Effect Compares overly-delicate flowers raised in a greenhouse with many of today's Christians. Thought provoking.
Whitewashing a Revival When Jesus looked up and saw a great crowd coming toward him, he said to Philip, "Where shall we buy bread for these people to eat?" (John 6:5, NIV) Philip considered briefly, then said, "Verily I say to you, the megatemple downtown has a 10-week program that addresses this very issue. I shall download it forthwith." Read more.
Christian Burnout If you're feeling like you're not making a difference in the world and that the stresses of life are getting to you, read this article. It may save you from Christian Burnout.
Angel Celebrations: Birthday Division A story about angels in heaven who plan birthday celebrations. It will give you something to think about.
The Tears of God The Bible tells us "Jesus wept". What could cause the Son of God to come to tears? What is behind this odd passage of scripture?
Who Should Christians Avoid? As Christians, what is our relationship to the other people in the world? How are we supposed to behave? Who should we and our children be around? As individual Christians, we have very clear Biblical instructions and examples for who we should seek out and who we should avoid. Based on their behavior, the Biblical instructions in this article may come as a big surprise to a majority of Christians, today.
The Ten Suggestions of God The Ten Commandments are not just the edicts of God for righteous living, they are providential tutorials that suggest how we should live our lives. Do you know the real reason God gave them to us?
Legalized LawBreaking The author ties together seat belts leglislation, phobias and God's forgiveness.
Is It Okay to Lie to Our Children? Should we lie to our children because we want them to have fun? What if it's "white lies?" Like telling them there is someone called Santa Claus who lives in the north pole?
Perfect Love Casts Out Fear As I sat before the Lord early in the morning, I brought to him something in myself, a flaw, something that I perceived emanates from a root of fear. As I was speaking to him about it, the Scripture came into my mind, “perfect love casts out fear.” (1 John 4:18)
Integrity Is Not Optional The author struggles with God's integrity after learning photos on the web are copyrighted and it isn't okay to use them for ministry without permission.
Scribbling in the Margins The author looks at boundaries and suggests we turn our views inside out.
Trials and Tribulations It's because we don't know God's plan for our lives that we mistake heavenly love for punishment.
Dad's Workshop A daughter comes to grips with the death of her beloved father.
How to Love a Warthog Why would God, who could create something as stately as a lion, also create something as repulsive as a wart hog?
Handling Correction Do you get defensive if criticized?
The American Soldier He finds the road to forgiveness in a North Vietnamese POW camp.
Thick Skin or Sick Sin Are these church members displaying the love of Christ or the love of self?
Thank God I'm Saved, But Now What? We've received God’s word. Now we must nurture it and make it grow, by living the right way. Knowledge isn't enough, now is the time to "walk the talk."
Three Truly Liberating Procrastination Tips Here are three powerful procrastination tips that will help you liberate yourself from the immobilizing effects of procrastination and indecision. You simply cannot direct and steer your life if you are stuck in procrastination and indecision. It is what prevents you from doing the very things you need to do…
Wise Words on Failure Some of the greatest thinkers of all time can teach us the most important lessons. This article disects some fantastic inspirational quotes.
Appointed or Disappointed? Mike left college to help take care of his fiancé who had cancer; Joe left his wife to take care of his girl friend. It's obvious who had the call here. Mike's was appointed; Joe's wife was disappointed. Mike was worthy of the call; Joe was unworthy.
A Costly Handkerchief "Christ takes the blotted lives and transforms them. He uses even the blots and makes them yield enduring lessons. Sins which defiled and seemingly left the life in ruins, he makes to yield a ministry of regeneration."
Rescuing Eve - Setting the Record Straight An thought-provoking look at sin, the apple and the Garden of Eden.
Christian Debt Relief Counseling Christian debt relief counseling is a phrase that's a little misleading because it implies there is something different or even superior about the counseling being offered. This isn't to say anyone's trying to mislead, just that the products, procedures and options are the same whether you're a Christian, or not. The fact is, all good debt and financial management techniques are rooted deeply in the Bible and are, therefore, Christian. It doesn't matter whether you're talking debt management, consolidation relief or elimination, there is so much Biblical counsel you may not even need counseling.
God Always Answers Prayer I often hear of people who feel they've failed God or He's abandoned them because they didn't receive what they asked for in prayer. I remember having the same thoughts as a teenager, not knowing that God isn't like the simplistic "vending machine" I was taught about as a child. In fact, I now know God is honored by our prayer requests and answers every one, just not always exactly as we expect. To illustrate the surprising ways He answers prayer, this article will document 5 years of our lives when it often seemed nothing was getting through to Him.
Christian Faith-vs-Religious Works I guess it started with the seeming argument between Paul and James as to whether faith can always be seen in a physical action or is just a spiritual reality. Sadly, there are Christians today, so strongly believing either side of this issue that they won't talk to each other. Some believe faith must be accompanied by certain outward actions or it isn't real, while others believe faith requires no action at all. This article is dedicated, first, to show both sides they are wrong, and, second, to show that Paul and James were in agreement on the issue of faith and works. A tall order, I know!
Jesus-Teachings In Personal Evangelism Do you ever get the feeling we Christians have lost touch with our evangelistic mission? I ministered in "evangelical" churches for 11 years and never felt like there was much concern for the poor lost people who don't know God. There was a lot of talk about how bad it was "out there" but precious few were willing to go "out there" to make it better. This article is to help us take a closer look at the evangelistic character of Jesus so we can become more like Him to help a sick and dying world.
Jesus Isn't A Brand Name Even in the third grade, everyone at my elementary school knew the cool boys wore Converse All-Stars, Levi's 501s and a pin-stripe sport shirt. was the early 60's! I don't know what was cool for the girls...they had cooties. Not much has changed since then, except the logos and the prices. I wrote this article so we Christians can feel the pain that our Christian brand-consciousness causes others and we can grow from that pain, away from exclusiveness to inclusion for the people who need His love the most.
Jesus - God With Us Emmanuel Is My Favorite Name For Jesus. None of the other names, as beautiful and as accurate as they are, come close to saying as much about Him as Emmanuel (God With Us). Of course, most people describe God With Us as representing His birth and earthly life as Jesus of Nazareth. This is correct, but such a limited definition it seems almost insulting. Instead, His name, "God With Us," defines the essence of Christianity and Spiritual community, and sets Christianity far apart from religion.
Why Isn't God Helping Me? Why Isn't God Helping Me? Why Is God Punishing Me? Every one of us is confronted with life circumstances that compel us to ask these questions, or something like them. If you've ever asked these questions, you may find some comfort in this article ... or not.
Religion Without Faith A new age of Christianity and new philosophy has arrived on the scene. What does this mean for me?
How to Fool God Is there a way to fool God? Can we play church and get away with it?


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