Often Weird and Wacky (but always good) Spiritual Food for Christians

What's with our name? You'll agree that it's an odd one. It was inspired by both the 23rd Psalm and the reference in Hebrews to spiritual truths being food. Combine those two thoughts - and you get FATSHEEP - for a Christian who is always feeding upon God's spiritual truth. Check out what we currently have online. It's growing every day.

Stories to inspire. They'll make you cry. They'll make you laugh. They'll point out ways you need to change. We've collected the best of the inspirational emails, as well as writing our own original stories not found anywhere else. Check out our huge collection of inspirational messages and articles.
 Yes, your congregation will be excited that you've found our website. FREE Christian PowerPoint backgrounds that are sure to create some excitement in your house of worship. These images are provided for you from our sister site, Worship ZING! You can purchase beautiful PowerPoint backgrounds for your worship service at very reasonable prices that won't break your bank.

Do you ever listen to a great song and think, "That melody is great. I'd love to sing it in church. Too bad the lyrics aren't Christian."

You can't say that any more. Because we've come up with Christian lyrics to Broadway songs, popular songs, folk song, camp songs, and more. More coming all the time.
Lessons for feeding the flock, both young and old. We'll soon be bringing you skits and songs for both adult and children's Sunday School classes.

Wow! Their eyes will bug out in surprise at the improvement in your sermons. We've got articles on public speaking by award winning Christian speaker (and former youth pastor), Randy J. Harvey, as well as other experts. Articles to help you better lead your church (seminaries are sadly lacking management training for pastors!). And a whole slew of sermon ideas. Check out our section just for pastors.